Golden delicious food(Fujian)Co., LTD,Is a wholly foreign owned enterprise,Is a with soy sauce、As the leading r&d vinegar production、Production、The spice of export of large enterprises。
  The company is located in the famous overseas Chinese hometown——Jinjiang city of fujian province five industrial zone。Over the years pay attention to and improve the construction of food safety,The introduction of foreign advanced production line,Equipped with high-tech food inspection equipment,The main production、The business“Gold crown”Brand of soy sauce、Vinegar、Sauce、Sauce、Seasoning powder、Cooking wine、Edible oil and other condiments series200Multiple item specification,The northeast high-quality soybeans,Use of minnan coastal moderate climate,High salt ene state combined with the traditional process of natural brew,Unique process,Colour and lustre is rich,Fish taste sweet,Is a good helper of food flavor。

Golden delicious food(Fujian)Co., LTD

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